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We are Monterey Music.

Want to Audition?

So you have a musical gift and you are looking for a place to serve?
Great! Here at Monterey Church, we are always looking for new worshipers to join our team and help us lead our church every week.

Here is a basic overview of how the Worship Audition process works...
Please complete all of these steps below.

Step One: Apply

Every musician must fill out our Worship Team Application. That will give us more info about you, your faith, and your experience.

Apply here:

Step Two: Create a PCO account

PCO stands for "Planning Center Online".
PCO is an online program that allows us to schedule you to serve and provide you with resources to learn and practice music. Once your application is complete, the Worship Pastor will invite you to the next audition through PCO. Download the App for your mobile device and you will be able to create an account once we invite you to the audition.

Download PCO here:

Step Three: Prepare for your audition

We host a group-style audition every couple months after our morning church service. Typically auditions are held on Sundays around 11:30am at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey, CA.

Here are some things you need to know about your audition:
- Check in with your Worship Pastor a few minutes before your audition.
- All musicians are required to own In Ear Monitors (IEMs / Ears).
- Ears are mandatory because we need to hear ourselves and each other, and we need to be synchronized when using tracks and loops.
- We expect all music and lyrics to be memorized for your audition. Music & charts are NOT provided on stage.

*If you do not own a pair of IEMs, you can purchase some from our recommended list:

Step Four: Have fun!

One of our core values as a team is "FUN".
We believe in a creative and collaborative environment.
Be yourself. Enjoy the process. Worship Hard.

Contact Pastor Jedi if you have any questions.